What does seasonal work mean?

Seasonal work means temporary work in specific periods during the year and in specific sectors, such as agricultural and touristic sectors.

What is the Integration Agreement?

The Integration Agreement is an agreement between the Italian government and a non EU citizen, who enters Italy for the first time. Foreign citizens agree to learn and respect Italian laws, to learn Italian language and to enroll their children in Italian schools. The government agrees to welcome foreign citizens and help them to integrate in Italy.

Are you a foreign citizen who is over 18 and wants to get a first level diploma from secondary school (licenza media)?


To get a firt level diploma from secondary school (licenza media), you can apply to any school where they do FREE COURSES FOR ADULTS: these schools are called Centro Provinciale di Istruzione per Adulti (CPIA).

Is my international qualification valid in Italy?

In Italy your international qualification is not automatically legally valid (with some exceptions).
If you want to continue studying, participate to public calls or apply for a job which requires a specific qualification, you have to have a qualification or vocational certificate valid in Italy.

I live in Turin and surrounding areas and I am looking for a job. Which services do Job Centres offer?

Job Centres of the Metropolitan City offer the following services:

Are there any training courses for foreign citizens?

Yes, there are. Training courses are organized for unemployed foreign citizens who can speak basic Italian and for cultural mediators

Most of these courses are focused on:

How do I come to Italy to work as a domestic worker?

Non-EU citizens (those who are not from a country belonging to the EU) must wait for the ?decreto flussi?, which establishes the number of foreign workers who can come to Italy to work as domestic workers.