?DID YOU KNOW THAT? measures to provide information, communication and awareness in the labour market field ?. Itis a project financed by the European Fund for the Integration of non-EU immigrants (EIF) and it aims at informing foreigner citizens staying in Italy about their rights/duties, opportunities and constraints in connection with the labour market.



- to make foreigner citizens aware of their rights, duties and opportunities in connection with the labour market.

- to inform workers (employed and unemployed) and employers on some issues related to : health and safety at work, social security, contracts, employment and training opportunities, recognition of qualifications.

- to improve and enhance the network of services on the territory.

- to fight prejudices and stereotypes across the territory, in order to foster mutual respect and awareness.


Measures and methodology

The communication campaign has been developed through a ?transmedia approach?, that is by activating an online ecosystem (Web portal, WIFI, Social Media) and an offline ecosystem (communication campaign involving public transport, flyers, cards, workshops). The campaign aims at producing widespread and transversal information thus speeding up the awareness and information process.

More in details we are working on:

-??? a multilingual web portal in Italian, English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese (, which provides information for staff and users and an area for users? questions.

-??? 4 project?s profiles on 4 different Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+), where the interaction online is in Italian, English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese and it is led by a Social Media Team made of 4 young foreigners and 1 young Italian.

-??? 8 Wi-Fi hotspots.

-??? 5 ?FREE Wi-Fi SQUARE? events, where gazebos will be set up to provide a free Wi-Fi connection, access to the online information services and personalized experts? advice.

-??? A communication campaign on public transport around the municipality of Torino.

-??? Traditional information material to be distributed around the territories.

-??? Informative workshops for foreign citizens.

-??? Informative workshops for foreign entrepreneurs.

-??? Focus groups mainly addressed to Italian and foreign entrepreneurs and managers, representative of trade and professional organizations, other subjects involved with local chambers of commerce on issues related to management, protection and valorization of diversities in a work context.

-??? A final seminar addressed to the main stakeholders of Piedmont?s territory focused on the presentation of the project?s results, on the opportunities to repeat the initiative in other contexts and on growing awareness in the local community about immigration related issues.

The enhancement of the existing information network on the territories involved in this project (Torino, Asti, Cuneo and Novara), along with the innovative communication activities, which put together online and offline tools, represents a strong point to focus on in order to formalize the actions tested in the project.